Neill Family Update

Whitney’s Home!! YAY!

Recovering in true CrossFit style, she’s on the clock ;) Charles has made it back into the gym being the savage that he is and causing our twenty-something males to once again feel sorrow at their current “condition”, sorry fellas!

Group Shot

I am proud of what we did for this family. A truly surprising uproar of giving and positivity that has not gone unnoticed! The grand total raised is a blessing, everyone, we made a real difference, it’s not too often that you can say that anymore, but we did. That’s amazing.

If I had a hat, it’d be off and maybe burnt in effigy to how amazing our little community here is, it transcends the WOD, it transcends sucking at double-unders, it transcends your aching whatevers, and I truly don’t think anyone can get it until you’ve been here and been a part of what we’re doing. It’s special. Thank you.

Clan Cheiftan out.

5 Responses to “Neill Family Update”

  1. charles Says:

    It is so good to have Whitney home and get back to the gym. I am both proud
    and humbled to be a part of “our little community” Whitney and I will be forever
    grateful for all everyone has done and is doing. I remain in pursuit of the double-under.
    Crossfit Rocks

  2. Deidra Says:

    Welcome home Whitney. Neill Family you are loved and were greatly missed while gone. I am so happy that our community could come out and support one of our own. Whitney, Rest for time, love ya.


  3. goffe Says:

    If anything can transcend my (UN)-double-unders, then it must be amazing. Great to have the Neills back, and continued recovery to Whitney.

  4. CC Says:

    Great to have you back Neill family. I am glad to hear Charles is back at it and Whitney- you rest up girl. So proud to be part of such a great community. The workout had a real meaning for me, to support the Neill family and made me thankful for my fellow Lynnwood Crossfitters.

  5. whitney Says:

    I am a moved in a way I cannot put into words but I’m gonna try. Thank you to all of you that have made it so my husband can stay home with me and help me recuperate. I am getting better everyday, it’s been more challenging than any workout I’ve done but it’s so Crossfit in my head. Thank you for your love and support it means more than you’ll ever know.

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