New Traditions! New Rules!

Rules?  Yeah rules. We’re taking a page from CrossFit San Francisco.  If there’s someone here you don’t know yet, you have to introduce yourself to them, or someone has to introduce you to their friend or the coach who’s there has to introduce you or EVERYONE does 20 burpees, newbie included.  Why??  First of all, YAY BURPEES, second of all, I think we can all remember what it was like coming in here, everyone knows each other, you’re out of shape, the moves are way too fast/difficult/heavy for you and everyone else looks like a pro, it was tough!  So let’s make some friends and encourage each other to be awesomer :)

Community is so important!

Community is so important!

New traditions!?  Traditions are way funner that rules – so here we go!  Birthday workouts!  We’ve got cool people who train here, so guess what, for your very own birthday Local’s (Jesse and Crew) is going to give you the “gift” of a killer workout in your honor :)   So yes this means you better come train on your special day and the class you come to will do your workout with you!!!!

Total Stud

Total Stud

So who is going to be the first birthday workout??  Karen (see above)!!!  On this momentus occasion we’ll publish the workout ahead of time just to entice all comers :)

Squat Tire Jumps

Kettlebell Walking Lunges

Weighted Sit-ups 100#/50#

21-15-9 For Time

Startin' Up!

Startin' Up!

7 Responses to “New Traditions! New Rules!”

  1. Deidra Says:

    Since it is Jesse’s Birthday I think he should have to do the first workout.


  2. Jesse Says:

    I got this idea from Kurtis and Laurie of Rainier CrossFit – and I didn’t want to seem self-aggrandizing. Ya know? So I decided to start it with Karen (after all it was Pam’s birthday on Monday…) Brennan’s workout – whatever. So here’s what I’ll do tonight at about 7:30 at my house in case anyone wants to come yell at me:
    5 Cleans 200#
    10 Sumo High Pulls 150#
    Run 1500m
    3 Rounds for Time.
    Wanna come play??

  3. Poppa Poz Says:

    Dude. Lets not have a funeral right after the birthday!!!! good luck with your present, brohams!

  4. Jesse Says:

    Dude, 39:44, terrible.

  5. Poppa Poz Says:

    happy freeken birthday!!!! you inspire me…(to stay home when it my birthday)

  6. Charles Says:

    4/3/09 HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSE!!!!!

  7. L Says:

    Isn’t getting old bad enough!! LOL :)

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