Our boy Jerry does it!


He’s in the third segment of the video – watch for ” behooves” and the “I don’t know defense”  classic!!


4 Responses to “Our boy Jerry does it!”

  1. poppa poz Says:

    That was RAD… Couple things…
    1.Why didnt you take the oppurtunity to do thrusters with that 95lb bag of weed.
    2. With a nose like that, that guy can smell a hamburger under a pile of “dope” uhh I mean Marjuana
    3. You need to convince the other cop to give up on the Ceaser hair style, hes not fool’n anyone.

    That was great!!! love it that we have Stars among us at LCF

  2. Charles Says:

    Jerry you are the man!

  3. Todd Widman Says:

    Dear Jesse and Lynnwood CrossFit,

    Thank you very much for your warm welcoming and hospitality on Monday; Christal, Luke, and I had a wonderful time in your gym. I am sure all of your members know it Jesse, but in case they do not, you are one of the top trainers in the business, period. I am continually amazed by your passion, knowledge, and desire to teach; it is obvious why CrossFit HQ wants you on their staff. My visit on Monday only solidified what I already thought about you, your instruction, your gym, and your community: top of the heap. I look forward to adding all that you taught me to our gym here in MT, thank you for your time and knowledge, it was a pleasure bro!

  4. Jesse Says:

    Todd, that means a lot to me coming from someone I greatly respect – I love indoctrinating people into banded speed squats and hip power, sheer bad assery!
    Thanks – J

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