Our guys have got to relax!

This is Lane’s forearm after a bit of a tumble off a dirt bike. I’m glad to hear he’s OK except quite a contusion. Nothing broken!

Here’s Lane a few days prior Overhead Squatting a PR triple:


Moral of the story, CrossFit is safe. Safe when compared to non-functional movements (riding dirt bikes) and safe at post maximal loads! Handy isn’t it that the movements life requires are safe for us to do?

4 Responses to “Our guys have got to relax!”

  1. Ed Says:

    When the zombies arrive, Riding a dirt bike will be more of a functional movement than the OHS. If it isnt already.

    Lane and I will be gone on our bikes then, but, If you can’t kill them with your OHSs try some HSPUs.

  2. poz Says:

    im with u ed

  3. Jesse Says:

    Ed, don’t hate on the OHSQ. You skipped that day after all…

  4. Justin Says:

    I contend that riding dirt bikes is a functional movement. If the definition of functional is that the movement has utility, then being able to ride a motorcycle of any kind is a highly functional movement as it allows for transportation. Transportation is a necessity for human survival and has been since day one. Take for example running and walking, which are both universally accepted as functional movements. Riding is an extension of the overall “transportation” skill set of human movements. Therefore, it must also be a functional movement.

    Its a slow day at work, can you tell?

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