Party Party Party!

From the iPhone of Walid:

I think what u should do is this:
Have a get together party..
Bring food..
Have music..
Have ur awards( make sure I get one)..
Have the slide show..
and just let people hang out ..


Tri Pod

Tickets are $15, all proceeds will go to the “6th Rower Fund”! We’re gonna have tasty eats, drinks, an awesome slideshow (!), awards presentation (get your vote on at the gym!! or print out your copy Voting Form), and much much more! They always say that, but you know what? They mean it too!!!
Our 2nd Anniversary Shindig festivities will commence at 6:00PM Saturday the 14th. Yeah next weekend! This is our time to connect with each other, to share memories, to make some new ones, to talk about training and suffering and growing – we need to do this. This is good for us.

I need people to pay up so we can get this thing off the ground! Come buy tickets! The facebook invite is out, voting forms are at the gym, get ready people!

Nice Socks…

10 Responses to “Party Party Party!”

  1. poz Says:

    dont hate on the socks bro! Lets party!

  2. John Harkness Says:

    Right on.

    Tommy V was awesome!!!!! well except for the two debilitating calf cramps
    Thanks for being patient and running that one. Must have been fun watching people climb ropes for 12 hours.

  3. James H (Lisa's James) Says:

    Yeah John way to gut check & brute force your way through that one! We were all rooting you on hard core last night.

  4. Harkness Says:

    Thanks James.
    It is extremely motivating having so many people supporting you.
    Otherwise probably just want to leave and go have beer instead : )

  5. charles Says:

    I so agree without the group support it would be difficult to finish some of the WODs
    “Tommy V” one of them. I have never felt so much anxiety around a WOD as last night.
    I woke up high this morning from it.
    When I saw John laying on the floor with cramps I thought he’d finished and I was inspired to
    push harder, thanks John. It was a great effort on everyones part last night and I feel honored
    to be a part of such a great group of people.

  6. Harkness Says:

    Your the man Charles!!!!
    Your ability to push to the very end and leave it all on the “rope” is inspiring for everyone!!!

    Although, sucks for me because you always beat my time

  7. charles Says:

    Thanks John

  8. charles Says:

    I realize that no one is even going to read this because there hasn’t been an update in forever.
    But f*&% it here goes. We need a web manager, someone that keeps the community, Lynnwood
    Crossfit updated on a more current basis and provides space for current comment and discussion, so
    that its working for the community as a whole. This is a valuable tool for our crossfit community that
    in my opinion is not being used to capacity. I love our gym and community.

  9. Jesse Says:

    Thanks, Charles new posts this weekend.

  10. poppa poz Says:

    Lets take turns helping Jess out with the site?

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