In two weekends! It is on! Details:

Register to be a Spectator: here this gets you in to watch and cheer! Who?

Kelsey Nagel! Our muscle-uping studette :) Mel and Kelse

Lynnwood CrossFit’s Affiliate Team!!

Ladies: Mel Webb, Abi Grove, Renee Lirette
Dudes: Darren Rainey, Chris “The Silent Assasin” Shone, and our own Austin Kruse

I’m super excited for this contest!! I want to see everyone out the weekend of the 15th and 16th in Puyallup ready to yell our brains out for our people! The gym will be closed that weekend seeing as everyone will be down there wrecking whatever the workout(s) are :)

9 Responses to “Regionals!!”

  1. Josie Says:

    BAD ASS!!! I can’t wait to see you all compete in a couple of weeks. I know you will do us proud!

  2. Laura Kimball Says:

    Congratulations, team Lynnwood CF!!!! Jesse–we expect pictures to be shared!

  3. CC Says:

    Can’t wait to watch you guys compete at Regionals! We got a rockin team!

  4. poppa poz Says:

    So Sweet! you guys better be ready to go to Aromas!!

  5. Austin Says:

    All I want is to see Kelsey RAGE on the individuals competition!!! now that she has dominated the muscle-up there is NO STOPPING HER!! I’m in the library right now studying for finals but next week I will be home to hit two weeks of hard training with my team!! All I have had here is a rec center (health spa) that is filled with people who yell at you if you are breathing to hard!

  6. Austin Says:

    Oh ya I forgot, I checked out the Home Depot Center on google earth! Crossfit is hittin’ the big time now!

  7. Ed Says:

    LCF will be represented well. That is 8 badass individuals. Kelsey is going to tear it up and Charles will do something exceptional as well.

    Can you smell the Aromas?

  8. Jesse Says:

    Laura! Come take pictures!! I’ll be distracted I think :)

  9. Katherine Says:

    How feasible is it to come for part of the day on either (or both) days. I have other commitments both mornings, but might/would like to be able to come down in the afternoon.

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