Regionals Team Competition!


Here’s the Team Roster not to mention the individual competitors:

Our own: Kari James, Mel Webb, Lindsay Schilaty, Aaron and Drew Barquist, with Justin Ehling. Make up our squad of 6 total bad asses ready to get it done in Puyallup!

Let’s meet up at 7:15am Friday and carpool down for the day!! Our first event is at 10:00am!

Mel did it!!!!!! She got her handstand! Not with a lack of trying and effort and hours! What an inspiration! Way to be MEL!

7 Responses to “Regionals Team Competition!”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Congrats! She came in at 5am the other day, I watched her working hard to get it. Glad to see that hard work paid off!

  2. Katherine Says:

    Way to get a new perspective, Mel!

  3. charles Says:

    Thats beautiful Mel, congraulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ed Says:

    Very nice Mel! Good luck everyone

  5. Perry Says:

    excellent Mel!! congrats!

  6. Tim Says:

    Go Team Locals!

  7. Lisa Merritt Says:

    Way to go Mel!!! You are a true inspiration!!!

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