Rope Climbs?!

Rope climbs are one of those functional movements that are oft-maligned. Here’s my $.02; you’re never going to need to climb rope (or anything, rope-like) until you really really need to climb it. At that point you’d be thanking your lucky stars you had a mean ‘cus in your life to make you learn how to climb rope :)

So in short, you’re welcome!!

Anyone else have this experience??

“Hey Coach! I just wanted to pass on my happy news since I couldn’t wait to tell you on Monday! I made it to the top of the rope climb tonight…TWICE!!! You can’t see it right now but I’ve got a HUGE smile on my face.”



3 Responses to “Rope Climbs?!”

  1. Miles Says:

    this is quite possibly the most disorienting picture ever. which side of the leg is that? what way is down? is it a wood floor or a cutting block or *headsplode*

  2. CC Says:

    I know that leg! It may have been text to me. And to think more climbing awaits…

  3. Renee Says:

    My smile only faded when the pain started and the staph took over. I still got back up again though, Jesse. So far, staph free. :)

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