Running Improvement!



Can you tell which is first and which is second???

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  1. Ed Says:

    They both look like “before” to me. Maybe you should have taken the 5 day clinic…

  2. Jack Says:

    CIMG1537 is the first one?

  3. Jesse Says:

    Ed: such a nice guy, real positive uplifting sort of fellow.

  4. goffe Says:

    1537: You seem more upright the whole time. More heel-toe, Stride reaching forward more. In 1580, you start upright, but then you seem to lean forward. Strike is more mid foot. Feet reach back more and also higher toward the butt.

    I see an Badwater in your future.

  5. Jack Says:

    I figured CIMG1537 is the first one because at the end of the video, I saw that you were not in the figure 4 position in your legs as you would be if you did pose. It looked like your legs are actually acting as a counter balance against gravity when it should be more forward, working with gravity.

  6. Lindsay Says:

    aside from the numbers… 1580 is totally you pose running and the “after”. 1537 you were making a good effort “before”

  7. Jesse Says:

    Nice work you guys!! I think studying before the test is cheating around here :) The first video 1537 is me running the best I knew how, trust me I was thinking about it when they had the camera on me. After about two hours of lecture and another two drilling the better technique was birthed. I’m gonna be drilling 3 days each week for about 6 weeks hoping to make it stick! I’ll see everyone tonight for the class right!?!?

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