Saturday!! Lunge Mania

Here’s how I see it. If you can lunge 400m and not be obliteratedly sore you are strong in the legs, and hips. Saturday is the day to try this out :) Deidra will be here administering the fun! I’d love to see a board full of times when I get back from Portland HEL, either with 100m, 200m, 300m, or 400m next to it with glee, yippee!!

JP Chalk

Big things to look forwards to:

1. Lakewood Police Memorial WOD and Fundraiser.

We’re hosting the workout and fundraiser for the 4 Police Officers killed in Lakewood. Money will go to a secure account, I’ve been in contact with several people about it, very excited about it. Expect the turnout to be phenomenal and from all the area gyms. The workout is awesome and will remain undisclosed until the date approacheth.

What we need from you: bring people, spread the word, bring money that feels right, $5-$20-$200.

2. Aching Glutes, Groins and Quads.

Alex and Ponch

3. 12 Days of Christmas WOD on 12/18 – beware :)

4. Holiday Schedule coming out soon!

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Clan Cheiftan Out

6 Responses to “Saturday!! Lunge Mania”

  1. Whitney O Says:

    Any more details on the Fundraiser for Lakewood PD Fallen Officers ? I was going to send out a district wide email. I have this whole weel off, so if you need assistance in getting it set up let me know…

  2. John Harkness Says:

    Only thing better than 400 meters of lunges is doing Helen immediately after with Dee yelling at me to pick up the pace!!!! Oh yeah, my hands were so cold I could not feel them : )

    Bring on the fundraiser!!!!

  3. charles Says:

    Very disappointed that I will be out of town on the day of the Fundraiser, but will contribute
    for sure. I go from tears & heavy heart to pissed & frustrated when I think of the loss
    of these four officers and senselessness of the act that took them. To our numerous members
    at Locals that “serve & protect” I’m so sorry for your loss and thank you for your service to the
    communities you represent.

    After 400 meters of lunges I was walking with a wabble and I love it that Dee gives us no
    breaki but just keeps pushing. John you f*%kin murdered Helen!

  4. Meredyth Says:

    Excellent idea on the fundraiser!! Bring the positivity of the community to such a absolutely grim situation.

    John your my hero on Helen still in awe that you could kill that run after those lunges. My legs felt like jello. Great job!

    Great job Kevin, Geoff, Charles also on the post Helen!! And it was not a social pace after all…

  5. John Harkness Says:

    You guys are much too kind.

    Thanks for doing it with me!!!!
    Much easier to push through this stuff when you know others are right there suffering and enjoying it at the same time as you!!!

  6. Goffe Says:

    I second the sentiments on the fundraiser and related issues. I will be there the 12th. Yesterday and next Saturday are examples of what makes this a special place to be involved.

    Point 2 above: Uh, yeah.

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