Thanks Ed for tallying!!

Renee 73
Mel 94
CC L 94
Kari J. 115
Laura Kimball 134
Abi G. 135

Darren R. 92
Ed A. 119
Kris J. 146
Chris S. 158
Kevin J. 160
Chris R. 165
Shane P. 165


Yeah! I couldn’t be happier with the way this challenge is running, it favors consistency of training above all else. Which with our program is a lofty goal in itself (we get sore!!) way to be you guys!

To determine the team: I suggest a double day mini-contest!!

Details: Tuesday the 4th of May. 11 Days before the Regional Contest Affiliate Cup. I need those listed above to do two workouts! If you wish to “opt out” that’s cool, but we need 3 ladies and 3 gents to make our team of 6. I’ll be here all day (13 hours) that Tuesday, just come on in and we’ll get it done. Inside of class times, outside of class times, etc. etc. it’s all good let’s rock it!!

9 Responses to “Scores!!”

  1. Kari Says:

    Is this two separate workouts from the schedule or one from the schedule and one that Jesse has determined? Can they be done at separate times or do they need to be done back to back? Frankly, with as few of us left still doing the contest I don’t think the “opt out” button should be allowed…

  2. CC Says:

    I am with Kari. I think we should all do the double-day, we all stayed with it this long. It will be a fun challenge, yeah I said–FUN.

  3. Ed Says:

    I’m on for the double day but out for the games. My poor ROM would not hold up against strict judging. I’m on the list because I did all the WOs.

    I really think Jesse should be included. His schedule didn’t allow him to get all the workouts in. He was gone most weekends doing certs. I realize he has holes in his game and that no one really likes him, but let’s look beyond all that and include him?

  4. poppa poz Says:

    I think there might be several people who should be on this list over myself, we know who the real gym studs are, and I am happy to load your bars and hold your gym bag! However good job to all the constency it took to get on the list.
    Im with you Ed Jesse is a real pain but I can look past that. ;-)

  5. Mel Says:

    A double WOd day sounds like fun! I’m in ! :)

  6. Renee Says:

    You mean we haven’t been doing two daily all along? WTF? I thought we were following both Jesse’s posted WOD and the main site. :)

  7. Chris Seavers Says:

    I totally agree with Ed too. And for this, I unfortunately have to opt out (sorry Kari!) as I will be in SF, CA from the 2nd through the 7th. So no working out for me in the gym at all next week. I’m gonna miss you guys! =(

    But Jesse – I would be totally down for you kicking my arse twice in one day for a 2-a-day at some other point in time.

  8. poppa poz Says:

    Sweet!!! Eds out, now Chris, one more drop out and Im In BABY! (hehehe)

  9. Renee Says:

    Regional facebook post states team member names need to be in by this Friday. Jesse????

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