Slight Change of Plans…

So, the party was a little under advertised. We decided to post-pone until November 14th, sorry for the mix up!!


Here’s what we are gonna do instead:


Cheat Night!! We’re gonna head back to Rodney’s Restaurant.

SUNDAY Night 6:00, not saturday. Oops.
The Southlake Grill
1253 Thomas Street, Seattle, Washington
Across from REI

The menu is 1/2 price – read: you can get twice as much.
The upstairs room is awesome, privacy, it’s just us up there!
TV’s with Seahawks or Huskies or Cougars, or whatever is playing (we all know I just want the ice cream cookie sandwich desert).

Rodney Running

He’s probably gonna kill me :) I hope to see all you down there!!
Clan Cheiftan

8 Responses to “Slight Change of Plans…”

  1. Harkness Says:

    What is all that crap doing on your desk? Are you conducting some sort of diabolical experiment??

  2. lindsay Says:

    I can go! Thanks for not holding my trip to utah against me for the 2nd anniversary party.

  3. John Sylvester Says:

    Is that Prefontaine next to Rodney? LMAO

  4. charles Says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Rodney is the f&$%#g man! See everyone Sunday.

  5. Morgan Says:

    Is locals setting up a pineapple classic team (also on Novemeber 14th)? If so I want in!

  6. Josie Says:

    Hey Morgan,

    I already have a four man, or uh, woman team set up for the Pineapple Classic but I think there may still be others at the gym interested. I talked to Jesse about putting up an “Events” board at the gym for stuff like this but he thought it would be an eye sore…wha wha. Hope you can get a team together as it should be fun!

  7. Josie Says:

    Oh, and I can’t put it as eloquently as Charles but Rodney, YOU ROCK!!

  8. Renee Says:

    I wanna play at the Pinapple Classic!!! I’m supposed to be working that day, but will try for time off if I can get on a team.

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