Sponsors are rolling in!

These pictures are fantastic! Thanks to sportkilt for hooking us up! Get ready for the Kenmore Strength Extravaganza! The Kettlebell Competition will be August 30th starting at 10:00am – are you training yet? You should be, I’ll be informing you if you’re on my list of people who need to compete, if you’re dying to compete, email me, let me know or call me, it’ll be great!

Oh god.

Oh god.


Yeah, 12 burpees :)

7 Responses to “Sponsors are rolling in!”

  1. Abi Says:

    can i just say that i witnessed this photo shoot and Tyra you dont have anything on that crossfitting, zoning bad ass so back up bitch!

  2. Rodney Flores Says:


    I would like to ask your approval to compete in your competition. It will give me a full 3 months of training plus the 3 weeks that I already have into it.

    If you do not feel that it is a realistic goal than I will respect that, but I think that having a goal would be a great thing for me.

    Thank you.

  3. Jesse Says:

    Rodney, you’re on my list bro!

  4. John H Says:

    Excellent Trainer, Gym Owner. Yes
    Excellent Hat Model. Questionable

  5. Rodney Flores Says:

    Thanks Boss!

    I’ve had some kind of stomach flu yesterday and today. Don’t want to risk spreading it to anyone. Hopefully will see you tomorrow.

  6. Mikey Says:


    Thanks for the push today during the 800 meter sprints. Can’t wait for that massacre again.

  7. Carrie Says:

    Jesse, you are crazy! Mad photogenicness, babe! Love, the quad pod mom.

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