Spring LEANing!

Our Happy New Years’ challenge:

A contest to see the most dramatic appearance change in 6 weeks!
Jake Wall Ball
From Jan 10th (Sunday) until Feb 22nd (Monday) – 43 whole days.

Here’s how it’s gonna work, everyone pays $15 into a gender specific kitty. Then we take the oh-so-flattering “before” pictures (front, back, side, yikes). We then dial in our nutrition 100% and get back on track with our training!

Games Crew

On the 22nd, everyone will come in and get their phenomenal “after” pictures takes (front, back and side) and then we will have a LEANing meeting Saturday March 6th in the afternoon/evening to hang out and vote on who wins. We’ll put the pictures up on the projector and then have a silent ballot type voting process.

He/She who wins keeps the cash in the gender specific kitty!! This could be some serious cashola if we get into this! Also a whole lot of positive changes too!!

Jesse and Andrew

The LEANing Meeting on the 10th is at 2:00. We’ll do a talk on nutrition and take pictures and cash-money and be outta there around 3:00-ish. I hope to see you there!!

Dog Sled
Yup, never a dull moment.

13 Responses to “Spring LEANing!”

  1. larry Says:

    im so winning this

  2. Ed Says:

    It is on.
    The cash will come in handy.

  3. charles Says:

    “Never a dull moment” at my box!!!!
    Bye bye scones.

  4. Philip Bjorge Says:

    Hopefully this is a success so we have a summer leaning contest.
    I will be victorious!

  5. Ponch Says:

    Will there be a cash penalty for going the other directions? This could also be incentive to do well.

  6. poppa poz Says:

    Just what the doctor ordered!!! Finally something I can beat Charles at!

  7. Katie Dawson Says:

    Are pictures fully clothed? :) If not it could be scary! :)

  8. Goffe Says:

    So, I guess I should spend the next five days “preparing” for the “before” picture?

    Looking ahead… Anyone want to come to my Super Bowl party? We will be serving celery.

  9. Jesse Says:

    Goffe – you crack me up!!! I’ve been “preparing” whole-heartedly :)

  10. poppa poz Says:

    you guys are such under acheivers….You know how long Ive been preparing for this day! Why do you think I can beat charles…Comon now how can that guy look any better. (Dont worry charles I know you are happily married)

  11. Jesse Says:

    The ladies need clarity… The gender specific humble beginning will be increased to 100% gender segregation. Ladies will take their before pics else where, to be stored on a female computer to be voted on by only the ladies, are you happy? Gents, all that means is NUT HUT. All dudes.

    I have no plans on man-scaping as JP calls it, just so that’s out there :)

  12. Nancy Says:

    I’ve got clarity and $15! Helping myself and Goffe to be “prepared!” 5 AM class — we can do it.

  13. Terrie-Ann Says:

    Thanks for the “clarity” Jesse. OK 5am ladies, let’s show ‘em we mean business! I’m in.

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