Spring LEANing SNAFU and Gym Closure


Abi’s schedule apparently is ridiculous. Please communicate with her and set up new dates for voting and pictures. A possible extension could be in the works. Either way, we’ll get it figured out and it’ll be all good. Sorry for the delay and thanks for your understanding!!!


On another note due to the Washington Sectional contest that we’re putting on. It’s a big deal :) Two full days of competition with over 180 competitors and hopefully 1000 spectators and attendees.

The gym will be closed after the 11:00AM Class on Friday after we literally gut all the equipment from the gym and will re-open at 5:00AM Monday morning for classes.
No classes saturday or sunday – instead come to the sectional and cheer for our people!!


It’s a good crew – we’ve got great athletes to watch to compete!!

13 Responses to “Spring LEANing SNAFU and Gym Closure”

  1. Josie Says:

    You forgot Nene, aka Art!!!!!!!

  2. Nora Says:

    Abi, how do we reach you. I can vote any night next week except Monday.

  3. Whitney Neill Says:

    Nora, it looks like voting will most likely be Wednesday night – there are still people without after pics done. Renee, Dee and I are trying to get it together – Abi’s just got a lot on her plate. So, if any of this changes it’ll be posted on the website. :)

  4. Nancy Says:

    Thanks for all your work!

  5. Nora Says:

    Hey everyone, where do we stand on the Leaning challenge?

  6. Whitney Neill Says:

    The vote is on for tonight after the last class – I think this is around 8:30. Hope to see everyone there.

  7. KROM Says:

    Hopefully this leaning challenge is over for good… maybe now my girlfriend, your trainer and “friend” come home without tears in her eyes because some people are being bitches about it! thanks to all that have helped her out!!

  8. Whitney Neill Says:

    The Leaning Challenge (women’s faction) is over and our winner is Teri Ann – she did a phenomenal job and looks great!!!! This was an extremely close vote and there were many women that had serious changes – what a great start to a new improved you!!! Thanks to Dee, Renee, and Abi for helping so much esp. Dee for doing a lot of the computer input and work – I am Mac challenged. Most of all I want to let Nancy Torgerson know that she helped tremendously at the last minute and really made it all come together.

  9. Josie Says:

    Congrats to Ed and Teri Ann for winning the Spring Lean Challenge! You two look amazing!

    Summer Lean Challenge anyone?

  10. Goffe Says:

    Summer Lean Challenge? Sure, just give a month to prepare for the “before” picture.

  11. Nancy Says:

    Dear all — thanks to everyone that worked on the Spring Lean! Whitney — you are a lifesaver. I think there were a LOT of winners! Now if I can just stay away from all the yummy Paleo bars……
    Some of us 5 am special people are running/walking in the http://www.Cando5K.org in Bothell on March 27th. Want to join us????
    Thanks to all that make us “newbies” — feel so welcome.

  12. Dan-Day Says:

    Wait till I come in there. Im going to take my shirt off for every workout now to show you crossfitters what a body is!

  13. Ed Says:

    Nice work everyone. I bet we lost enough combined weight to equal an entire person. Even after taking into account what Jesse gained…

    Summer challenge? Hmmm… I have a long way to go to get busted up like Charles or Jef.

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