Still waiting on more pics!

Team Shot!

Here’s the Team except for Josie and Art, with Captain Carrie!

Things to remember for this weekend, the Hike is Saturday, the CrossFit Total is Sunday at 12:00 Noon.

A side note: I’m really excited and impressed with everyone this summer! You guys have been making it happen around here! Class numbers are higher, people are having fun (and talking a lot) and you guys are working really hard. It’s awesome. The Burpee Challenge is being stuck to by a choice few, Julia, Morgan, Deidra, and John “Ninja” Sylvester. Cheer them on to a hard fought finish!! Only 6-7 more weeks!

2 Responses to “Still waiting on more pics!”

  1. John Sly Says:

    6-7 weeks is a good one!!! There are 24 days left (including today). Nice try!!! The last day is August 8th, which happens to be the first of a 9 day vacation in sunny California for myself and the fam. I said I was gonna use the time as a much needed break but started researching Orange County Crossfit locations this morning.

  2. Jesse Says:

    Thanks for the correction John!!! Rock on!

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