Super proud of Tim and Dinah – check it out!!

I did it! Finished the Seattle Marathon in 5:00:06. I’m taking a few days off to rest up and heal, but I can’t wait to get back in the gym. Thanks for all the running drills and POSE emphasis – it REALLY helped. My form started going at 15 and was gone by the time I hit the hills at 20. Still – now I know what it’s like to go long and I’m pretty sure I’d do this again, only faster next time and with good form throughout so I don’t get hurt so bad!
Take care,

“Hey Jesse-

Thought you would think this pic from the marathon was funny – I was just a few seconds from the finish. Check out the gritting teeth! I don’t know about running position, but I am leaning!”


Furthermore!! As if we needed more :) The Pineapple Classic 5k obstacle course was run by our Local’s Crew, they finished 14th!! I’m super excited you guys! Keep it up!

7 Responses to “Success!”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Nice job Dinah and Tim and Ed!! :)

  2. CC Says:

    Great job guys! You’ve inspired me to at least run the half-marathon next year :) Cheers to Ed, Dinah and Tim!!

  3. Matt B Says:

    Nice headband, Tim! Oh yeah and the marathon too.

  4. Tim Says:

    Good job, Ed! I saw he finished the Seattle Half Marathon with a 10 min/mile pace.

  5. Ed Says:

    Thanks Tim and nice job. Great pic with your kids. My 2:09 time was slower than Dinah’s full Marathon split. Biatch! I like distance running but I think 400 meters is my distance. Are you doing the Jingle Bell Dash?

  6. goffe Says:

    I heartily concur that you all are awesome.

  7. Mike Says:

    I love how the woman to the right of Dinah is heal-striking and pushing out the back.

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