Sunday Sunday SUNDAY

Schedule Change!

8:00am is pretty darn early. Let’s try 9:00am this week and see if that doesn’t bring a few more people out of their houses to play in the AM. If it works better then we’ll keep it. So yeah the gym will open just before 9:00 and close pretty much right after that :)

-Fearless Leader

Mel and Jesse

This is the worst picture ever, Mel and I had no idea that we matched when we woke up that morning, but hey, great minds must think alike ;)

8 Responses to “Sunday Sunday SUNDAY”

  1. Darryl H Says:

    Is this 8 am to 9 am time change referring to Saturday and Sunday classes?

  2. Darryl H Says:

    Oooops, now i see the title, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Nevermind!

  3. Josie Says:

    YAY! It’s about time :) but I bet you’d get even more people to show if you push it to 10. You know, for those OTHER people who like to party on a Saturday night. I’m just sayin…

  4. Jesse Says:

    Josie! Partying?! I’m not sure I condone that kind of behavior young lady :)

  5. Kari Says:

    Yeah! It is about time. Maybe a little wining pays off? With the holiday weekend Kev and I can’t make it but know that if it wasn’t the holiday you would have 2 more people in class when you do the head count!

  6. CC Says:

    I would definitely be more motivated to show up at 9am — not that I don’t like 8am. Plus I think it will give certain people more sleep time after a night at, lets say, Tulalip ;) It is the number one place for fun after all…Josie!

  7. Ed Says:

    I like it,
    Instead of 9:00, Now I’ll tell my friends: “I do more before 10:00AM than you do all day”

  8. Supnagel Says:

    Can we do it at 9:01 instead

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