People apparently want cool shirts.

Lisa and James are the cool T-Shirt People.

Post to comments with shirt ideas and we’ll go from there.

Clan Cheiftan out.

26 Responses to “T-Shirts”

  1. JP Says:

    Locals gym is back in the t-shirt game!

  2. poz Says:

    “Hands only a mother could love”

  3. larry Says:

    shirts that say ” yeah burpies” would be cool

  4. Kari Says:

    Maybe something to do with Bear Crawls since we all LOVED them after the 12 days of xmas wod. It could have a vicious looking claw for a pix.

  5. Lisa Says:

    Yes guys please respond!!!! Local’s NEEDS cool shirts!!!!!!

  6. Kim Says:

    Locals Gym – Best Snatch in Town

  7. Poz Says:

    Momma told me there’d be days like this

  8. JP Says:

    Lynnwood Crossfit
    “I just keep getting harder to Kill”

  9. Whitney Says:

    Row faster I hear banjo music. (If you don’t get it go see Deliverance)

  10. Whitney Says:

    Or the Kool Aid guy with Jesse.ls face in it and on the back “Drink the Kool Aid – Lynnwood CrossFit.

  11. Ed Says:

    Whitney has it with Deliverance. Maybe a picture of the kid from the movie playing the banjo. On the back you could say “and quit squealing like a pig.” I probably wouldn’t show a picture of that scene though…

    I also like “I hate flexible people and sometimes Jesse”

  12. Whitney Neill Says:

    I like what Ed said about flexibility – who needs flexible when you’re a beast?!

  13. Nado Says:

    Everyone at the gym has different goals and/or train for different purposes, but we all have one thing in common: we like lifting weights and working out…so what about a “Gym Rat” t-shirt with a picture something like this?: http://foursquare.com/img/badge/gymrat_big.png

  14. Whitney Says:

    Good one Ed. I agree with “and quit squealing like pig” on the back. Haha. Too funny.

  15. Whitney Neill Says:

    I love the pic Nado!!! It’s true, we all have different goals and do different stuff to get there – but definately are all gym rats!

  16. Poz Says:

    Ive got it!!!! The “Row faster I hear banjo music” and on the back a picture of Jesse playing the banjo!!! Great ideas Whit.

  17. Poz Says:

    or maybe a photo of jesse telling shouting, SQUEELLLL!

  18. Jesse Says:


    LCF, best snatches in town – plural!!!

  19. Whitney Says:

    @ Jesse : Snatch Masters. Or LCF has killer snatches. Ok so inappropriate but awesome none the less.

  20. charles Says:

    I love inappropriate……Namaste

  21. Jen Says:


  22. KROM Says:

    “The best activities for your health are pumping and humping.”

    “A perfectly safe exercise is a perfectly USELESS exercise.”
    Louie Simmons

    Bustin’ mine to kick yours!!

    Development ends where satisfaction begins

    “I like to let my lifting do the talking.”
    Ed Coan

  23. Rodney Says:

    Just make the shirts black.

  24. Goffe Says:

    Here’s a few:

    Front: “The Locals Gym trainers are caring and compassionate”
    Back: “Whiners will be crushed”

    “LCF: Sometimes, death seems preferable.”

    “LCF: Lifting odd objects for the benefit of humanity.”

    “LCF: Slogans are for sissies.”

  25. Brian McAllister Says:

    I like many of these. My most favorite is (I stole this, of course):

    Strong people are generally more useful and harder to kill.

    I also like (I think I stole this too):

    You can cry but you can’t quit.

    I like the idea of having several options available so that people can choose “inappropriate” if they like or they can choose the more generally acceptable ones. I like both but I threw out all my “snatch” t-shirts a while back. No lie.

  26. Goffe Says:

    It’s not how strong you are, it’s how strong you are tired…

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