Thank You CrossFitters!

 Attention total studs and rockin’ buff bodied hotties:


I just wanted to post out there into the internet, thanks for bringing us your friends and family!!!  It’s a great thing to watch the dream grow :)  I know this is silly and not my style, but it’s just freakin’ rad. 

You know, you’re working at a dead-end gym job, training people getting told by your under -aged -qualified -IQ’d "fitness manager" to sell more meal plans and supplements to your clients, while you’re trying to be a true friend and motivator, thinking wouldn’t it be better if I could do it my way?

And then to actually get the chance to do it, which is like 1 in a million (so you’re sayin’ there’s a chance!  I read ya.) AND THEN to have people actually dig it, enjoy it, sign their whole family up, tell their friends at work about it, get sore 4 days a week and yelled at on the 5th, drop weights in disgust and try in vain to do muscle-ups (you know who you are) – dudes it’s rad.


So thanks for making this whole "you know, I think it would be better if I could do it my way" thing a reality.  So stoked for this week – check out the workouts, you guys are totally in for it :)



5 Responses to “Thank You CrossFitters!”

  1. Charles Says:

    “Pain is weakness leaving the body” thank you for the opportunity and the
    motivation, you da man Jesse!!!!

  2. Jesse Says:

    I’m just the man next to the man!

  3. Abi Says:

    Jesse I think you would be really proud of me. I got kicked out of my old gym today. As I was being escorted out I couldn’t resist but to make a shameless plug for crossfit. It was beautiful. A- train thinks we should make a shirt that says, “I get kicked out of body builder gyms” or something like that. I would be all over that!

  4. Jesse Says:

    The way we train, I can believe it! Congrats :) And what was it that finally earned you the boot?

  5. Abi Says:

    Well the order came down from the the head guy himself I don’t know if his sister was aware of it. But I got the boot from our lovely district manager who claimed that I am, “mentally unstable and unfit to work out there.” It was great, I asked her if she wanted to try to prove that or have a doctor sign off on that and she said, “the proof is in the puddin.” I’m sure that is as official as they get there =) I can’t wait to see ya on monday so I c an tell ya the full story…

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