Thanksgiving Hours

This will probably find it’s way into a widget somewhere on the site, BUT here it is for your consideration.  This is NOT a democracy, nor a narco-syndacalist commune, more closely conceptualized as an oligarchy.  So feel free to post comments that may be utilized, or disregarded on a whim.


Thursday – Turkey Day:

Open Gym: 6am – 10am come in and we’ll get groups going on the "Turkey Shoot" workout all morning, yay sweaty!

Closed Gym: The rest of the day.  Go eat and be thankful!

Friday – Black Friday: Go shop.

Gym Opens at 3:00PM with an altered class schedule:

CrossFit Class at 3:00pm/5:30pm and 6:30pm.

Olympic Lifting Class at 7:30pm nothing can deter the strong.


Saturday – Charteuse Saturday: Turkey Sandwich to your trainer day.

Regular Gym Hours: 8am and 10am CrossFit Classes

Sunday – Regular.


I hope this dispels any confusion or curiosity or even the tiniest bit of uncertainty from your life in regards to world domination around thanksgiving time.

4 Responses to “Thanksgiving Hours”

  1. Charles Says:

    Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving we have so much to be grateful for…….you know the narco syndacalistic commune concept kinda has some appeal. Thanks Jes!

  2. Lindsay Says:

    who is doing the pull up in the garage?

    I hope you can all survive without me while I’m gone in Hawaii!!!!! don’t worry, I will be visiting the crossfit gyms in honolulu and getting a few good workouts in :)

  3. Jesse Says:

    Becki neel the real deal is doing a JPU in renton somewhere. Also, do you wanna know the good thing about pistol squats? They go EVERYWHERE with you ;)

    Have fun Linds

  4. shane Says:

    so how long does it take to rip up the hands using a 2×4 to do pull ups with? I guess Ill stop my whining and start enjoying my smooth pullup bar!
    Enjoy TDay all!

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