That’s Our Man!

Jerry, one of our Police Officers out ran a suspect today on foot.

CrossFit is his Strength and Conditioning program:

Jerry’s Hard Work

The gist (jist?) is that Jerry is running after this guy, he catches him and this audio is in real time, so by the end of the recording Jerry is no longer winded, he’s talking normal – INSANE. Also, he beat me today on Cindy, 22 rounds to my measly 15…



4 Responses to “That’s Our Man!”

  1. charles Says:

    Jerry is the man!!!!!!

  2. poppa poz Says:

    I think some one needs to photo shop that bar into a photo of some “dirt bag” so we can see what we whish we would have seen when he was on COPS. Gettem big dawg.

  3. Philip Bjorge Says:

    Wow. That is so badass!
    Plus the Cindy rounds! Awesome.

  4. LISA Says:


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