The Battle of Buddies

Here’s the tale of the tape for the last two open workouts! This is amazing!

12.1 – Kevin 95 Ed 100
12.2 – Kevin 46 Ed 50
12.3 – Kevin 240 Ed 231

Total – Kevin 381 Ed 381

These two fine gents are tied even steven for reps in the Open so far! Tonight will be huge! Will Ed squat deep enough to make his wall ball shots count, will Kevin get a big enough lead to get some double-unders before Eddy Lee pounds out 90 in one set!

This is gonna be awesome!

4 Responses to “The Battle of Buddies”

  1. Ed Says:

    Highlight of the night- Seeing Charles back at the gym.

  2. charles Says:

    Thanks Ed, it is really good to be seen.

  3. Jamie B Says:

    My prediction: Sunday at 5pm, Ed 621 Kevin 621 and they will have to hug it out.

  4. Ed Says:

    Jamie, Not so much. We’re just going to cuddle and think about next week.

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