The Big Climb for Leukemia


This is an awesome event, so CrossFit it’s nuts!  When: March 22nd Sunday.  Cost: $37.50 unless you donate more.  Time: as long as it takes you to climb the 69 flights of stairs up the Columbia Tower!!!  We’ve got three (3) brave entrants already:

  1. Charles Neill

  2. Abi Grove

  3. Jesse Ward (Carrying Logan Ward on his back)

I need a volunteer who will pack Gage Ward on his/her back up the stairs.

We’re working on getting a team start time so that it can just be us in the stairs when it’s time to go, which’ll be pretty cool – but we’ve got to get enough people!!!  Sign up

Join the team "Lynnwood CrossFitters"

Clan Cheiftan Out.

3 Responses to “The Big Climb for Leukemia”

  1. Charles Says:

    It would be an honor to carry Gage Ward up 1,311 steps!

  2. Connie Says:

    I think I’m all about this it’s not like it will kill me right?!

  3. nicole Says:

    Just a reminder! Some of the firefighters will be climbing in FULL bunker gear with airpacks March 8th. This is also for the Leukemia foundation. I suppose it’s just a WARM-UP for March 22nd.
    I add this because, several firefighters use CROSSFIT as a main training program for the annual tower climb!

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