The Gym is Open!!

Yes yes y’all you heard it! I’m here :)
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If you can’t make it, here’s some homework :) I’ll post an update about tomorrow tonight. Thanks!!

Home workout for today, for those of us who live far enough away to make coming silly: do the mobility WOD in the video, listen to KStar he’s a good dude, and he’ll get your hips opened up. We did Tabata Sit-Ups followed by Tabata Push-Ups yesterday, if you missed that, do it. If you did it yesterday, how’s your pecs? :)

Once you’ve done mobility, and your make-up from yesterday, if you need to, grab your broomstick, or swiffer or whatever you have do some pass throughs both ways, clear some space and do some overhead walking lunges, get loose. Get a clock analog, preferably, and put on some music.

Here we go: 1 Minute Overhead Walking Lunge, 1 Minute Overhead Squat, 1 Minute Plank, 1 Minute Dip Support 5 rounds for reps. Subtract 10 points each time you break on planks or dip support.

Rock on!

3 Responses to “The Gym is Open!!”

  1. CC Says:

    Thanks for posting this Jesse. Glad to have direction even if I can’t get the gym :)

  2. Kevin Says:

    Kari and I just did the at home wod. Thanks for the great wod. We did a quick video for proof. See you at Cornucopia!

  3. CC Says:

    I did the wod last night. Its a good one! Also I found sitting to be brutal. Hooray for cornucopia!

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