The new vacation expectation:


Run the streets of cannon beach 800 metersish. Find a playground with where you can some how do pull ups(And yes those things turn as you try to kip.

Bonus for not spinning to the lower side)21 times. 5 rounds. Watch out for small children and tourists.
Man this is fun. People are looking at me like I am nuts, especially doing the kipping p-ups.
Missing the gym but having a blast.

Local’s Xfit :)

What did you do on vacation?

3 Responses to “The new vacation expectation:”

  1. Charles Says:

    When lifes all about functional movement the world is our gym, thanks Ponch for your contribution to our community.

  2. shane Says:

    Cannon Beach is a great place for CF. We did it last year. 800m Run to the Waffel house…1600m lunge to the Salt water Taffy store. Pull ups on the beach…Well not really but we did pull the Kite Up and Down quite a bit. then we swam in the Rip tide and I thought I was going to DIE. Good times!

  3. julia Says:

    I’m going there next week! Thanks for customizing a workout just for me. Now that’s service!

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