The (Official) End of Summer

Our favorite Son Brian "B$" LeFavour is off to Jackson High to run Cross Country, Weight Training Class and Soccer.  We think that counts as constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.  We’re sad to see him go nevertheless.  In honor of his 15 pounds gained this summer and nigh immesurable strength increases (205# Deadlift at 145 bodyweight, no prior lifting experience) along with great gains in work capactiy across broad time and modal domains we created a special "send off" workout.  A group of fine fellows joined him from around the Puget Sound and Bellingham.


5 Tire Flips

15 Hang Power Cleans 65#

800m Run

5 Rounds for time…

It totally worked :)   We’re interested to see how well he does at Cross Country this year!!!  I assume Soccer will be fun, but we all know how fast he runs and with a CrossFit Summer, who knows how fast he is now!!!  Thanks for al the work B, see you in the winter!



3 Responses to “The (Official) End of Summer”

  1. B$ Says:

    Jesse. Thanks for the great last workout today and for all the help you gave me in achieve my goal this summer. I’ll try to sneek some training sessions in. But I can’t wait for winter. Thanks again for all your help.

    Oh by the way Lyndsays brother is my Spanish teacher. Haha

  2. Charles Says:

    Great working out with you and talking this summer. Good luck at school with your outstanding attitude I know you’ll do well at whatever you go after.

  3. Lindsay Says:

    B$ – why do you have to be so good at running? Kicked my trash! Have fun in spanish!

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