Turkey Day

Gobble gobble!!

Remember now, gym is closed after 11:00 today with the finishing of the Cornucopia WOD. Schedule for tomorrow is similar: closed until the 11:00am Class for the team rowing challenge and then closed again until the 5:30pm class for the team rowing challenge and then closed until regular normal hours Saturday 8 and 10 am. Easy day!

CrossFit Kids is cancelled for Friday also :( See you Tuesday kiddos!!

Here’s a little shot of Ed and Dinah having “fun” doing their GoRuck Challenge last summer. Brutal 1 day non-stop navy seal-type death march. WOW. Get wet and sandy. If you haven’t read “Lone Survivor” pick up a copy and get to it. PUSH ‘EM OUT.

3 Responses to “Turkey Day”

  1. charles Says:

    Ed, Dinah & Murph are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving, I have so much to be grateful for.

  2. Ed Says:

    6pm to 10am. Rough and rewarding. GORUCK will be back in 2012. I highly recomend it.

    I’m busy that day and I’m pretty sure Dinah is also.

  3. Tim Says:

    Dinah’s nails look fantastic!

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