Unrelated Matching Outfits

Seriously there was no coordinating this.

Shots taken immediately following “Filthy 50′s” :)




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8 Responses to “Unrelated Matching Outfits”

  1. Rodney Flores Says:

    Crossfit Movie: Every Second Counts is at Blockbuster on the 24th. Already on sale on the main website.

  2. shane Says:

    sweet. Lets get together and watch it at the gym???

  3. Morgan Says:

    Yay! Crossfit movie night while eating a bag of popcorn for time.


  4. Rodney Flores Says:

    Cave men didn’t eat popcorn. How about a rack of baby-back ribs for time?

  5. shane Says:

    Nice, but if were gonna be cavemen lets bring in a live pig, Katch it, Kill it, Kook it, then eat it for time!!!

  6. Rodney Flores Says:

    Me likey!!!

  7. Rodney Flores Says:

    Well apparently the young man at Blockbuster didn’t quite understand the description regarding the Crossfit movie. The release that came out today is about frickin Rodeo. I guess every second counts there too. I am ordering the movie from the website.

  8. poppa poz Says:

    Ya I figured that out today when I was researching like crazy and kept coming up with the results for the cowboys. Talk to jess about a movie night. I can get ahold of one of those projectors.

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