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Our Goal: To show you the very best that CrossFit has to offer in 2-5 hours of one on one instruction.

How to start? Email and we’ll get you scheduled in when it works for you!


Jesse Ward: owner of Lynnwood CrossFit, a CrossFit Headquarters Staff member who travels internationally to train the new generation coaches at CrossFit Level 1 and Level 2 Certificate Courses having 14 years of professional training experience.

Richard Leasure: a Level 1 Certificate holder and coach at Lynnwood CrossFit since 2011, developed under the watchful eye of Jesse since 2009.

Lana Ward: a Level 2 Certificate holder and coach at Lynnwood CrossFit since 2016, she’s been with us since the beginning we just hadn’t fully put it together to coach for us full time until now!

Times and Dates: Depend entirely on your schedule, call in and we’ll schedule times that work for you!

Why: CrossFit has a fundamental set of skills which must be introduced slowly and then built upon. Glossing over these foundational skills is akin to skipping Drivers ED class, the Freeway gets tricky!!


We’ve got visitor classes at 6:00am and 5:30pm, swing by, learn some movement and get a serious workout!! After that sign up for the Fundamentals Sessions and get going!

We also offer Child Care Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:00pm to 6:30pm.  Don’t just leave your “Goombah” in a corner to fend for itself with all the other kids; put them into a safe, clean room, where someone’s whole job is to watch them and make sure that everything is alright, so you can get the most out of your time at the gym!

Testimonial from Meredyth G.
Hey there thought I would share that I did my hydrostatic bodyfat test and which I had done four years ago when I was still doing ironmans (with same people so they still had my data) I have currently 5% less body fat and 14 more pounds of lean muscle mass! So thanks again Crossfit! Also proves not to get fixed on a certain weight.

Testimonial from Linda H.
By the way, I really appreciate your training. Today, for example, your
patience helping me get low enough on the overhead squat. Working with the
bar, then the pipe, then with weights, then without, and then with weights
again until I finally got it. What a contrast to the super lousy trainer I
had before you, but I didn’t realize how bad he was until we started
training with you. He just trained me on machines and wouldn’t have me do
any free weight squats, because he said I’d never get it. Way for him to
inspire confidence, but also, I don’t think he had the patience or knowledge
to coach the way you do. I doubt he even knew how to do Olympic lifts. So,
thanks a lot! I’m really excited this next year to make lots more

Testimonial from Greg K.
I don’t know when you get back in to town but I just couldn’t freaking wait to tell you this.

I did something that I have not done in more than a decade. I bench pressed my body weight. I put up 250 in yesterdays class and I could have done more I think but I chose to be smart about it. Not often that you realize something you did a decade ago and haven’t done since and I couldn’t wait to tell my coach.

Testimonial from Gregg J.
It’s great to be back after a winter of skiing. For the first time in four years I made it through the season with NO injuries! For me this was significant as I skied over 800,000 vertical feet this winter, in all kinds conditions, many of which were “ challenging”. After just 10 months of Crossfit I had much better stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance and coordination. Who knew, apparently skiing functions on the basis of functional movements from Core to Extremity. Now to start dialing it in for next season!

Testimonial from Rachel E.
Hey Jesse, I just spent three days biking the San Juans with no bike training whatsoever. My friend and I managed to bike 30+ miles of crazy island hills each day. I believe I owe it all to massive amounts of squats and regular Chi Gong conga lines.

Also, this friend of mine has always been in pretty killer shape. However, at one point we were climbing up on a lighthouse ledge that was about shoulder height. I managed to muscle my way up, she had to go to the other side where it was lower and shuffle her way along the ledge. She’s pretty jealous of CrossFit now.

After years of beating myself up with endurance training for biking, marathons and triathlons, I’m definitely in much better shape with CrossFit alone, and I can still kick some ass in the endurance sports.


Testimonial from Chris. C.
I feel at my age that there is no more time to waste. I want to get
better, and stronger! The way I feel in my skin every waking minute is very
important to me, the asthetics are secondary, because if you are applying
yourself that can’t help but happen. It’s the endurance, being stronger for
everyday tasks.

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