Passport Workout: A workout that must be completed before any other workout can be attempted or performed. Typically mandated when the gym decides to skip a certain workout. Namely, the resounding lack of a 6am or 7am class means that todays WOD, which apparently is known somehow, is now mandatory. Cheers!

Big Props to Greg for bringing in his Daughter Sarah! She’s got serious guts just coming on in for this workout!! Ed “Anchorman” Anderson I’m certain put in his fair share of work on this years Cornucopia!

Way to be you guys!

Post regards, impressions and favorite memory to comments!

6 Responses to “Wednesday”

  1. Jamie B Says:

    Serious guts doesn’t cover it if that w her intro to crossfit! Talk about jumping in with both feet!
    Great job guys!

  2. Jamie B Says:

    If that was her first crossfit work out, she survived trial by fire! Great work!

  3. steve egner Says:

    Got some really interesting ass-chafing from the 10K row. Here, lemme show ya :)

  4. Ed Says:

    Sarah is the real deal. Workouts like Cornucopia are what makes this place special. And the best trainers ever. And great friends.
    Being teamed up with good looking women does not hurt either.

  5. Mr. Bodin Says:

    Well it seems I must make my awesomeness know… @@$%@ my wingman Morgan needs some motivation… *Pain Train*

  6. Andrew Feucht Says:

    Thanks for the 10k day! Finally a workout that I knew I could do well. It was great to see everyone trying hard on this workout – when I know it is not one of the favorites at the gym. It helps make for a well rounded athlete though. One day hanging snatch squat thingys, the next a 10k run. Nice.

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