Skills Day!

Remember how much fun we had the last month or so on Skills Day? Linda flailing about trying to get a handstand… AND THEN GETTING ONE.

Remember all the fellas trying on the rings to turn one over, and then Jeff Lamb, Andrew Feucht, Chris Cunningham amongst others that I’m sadly forgetting GOT THEM.

This is kind of a big deal!

Let’s Train the Lowly Pull-Up. No one likes them, everyone hates them, yet they definitely work and everyone uses them as a fitness test (Police, Military, Presidential Fitness…) so I say, let’s get nasty!

Teague, again. This one made me laugh :)

2 Responses to “Wednesday!”

  1. Linda Ham Says:

    Now, Jesse, I really don’t think “flailing about” is accurate, although perhaps to the unobserving eye, it might appear that way. The observant would recognize the virtuosity of movement, realizing that my whole body was working in a concerted motion to place myself into a position that no human being in their right mind should be, in my humble opinion, of course. I do give you credit, however, for ignoring the silent cries, pleas, whimpering, not to mention squeals of terror, as I underwent that harrowing ordeal, and finally, finally got one.

  2. Kels - Big Horse Says:

    Atta girl Linda!!

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