Weekend Events!!

 Hear ye hear ye!


Two Crazy things happening this weekend!  

Saturday: Highland Games Festival at Greenbank Farm.  We’re throwing heavy stuff around and eating funnel cake at the booths!!!

This is Bret Christensen, owner of Celtic Viking Jewelry in Langley – total stud.

Sunday: At Local’s Gym, the Pacific Grip-Off Challenge.  Come and grab heavy stuff and bend nails with area experts, also phone book tearing clinic.  I kid you not.  Do we do the craziest stuff or what?!!?  Starts at 12:00 noon.  See you here!!

He he he – I like it!


Clan Cheiftan Out.

5 Responses to “Weekend Events!!”

  1. Dan Says:

    If people do not show up this sunday… Im going to take up figure-skating. Thats it and Im out.

  2. KROM Says:

    Dan figure-skating is a very manly sport.. and i will be ur partner.. i mean C’mon. Look, after all these years, I know what went wrong. The physics were off; it was a man and a woman. That’s why it didn’t work. we’re two men… we should be fine.

  3. Abi Says:

    dan i know you meant well but that was almost incentive not to come; seeing you figure skate would be one of the most fulfillingly humorous sights EVER…. that being said I will still come.

  4. Dan Says:

    I lost, not to my opponents or the events destroyed me. God laidth down his wraith upon my car. It sucked big time. Im mad at him for hatin on me. My car broke down 1.5miles away from the ferry.

  5. Dan Says:

    I wanna c- the highland and grip pics… Maybe a seperate page, simply called strong, to incorporate various competition photos?

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