We’re a threat…

The big boys already wanna fight with the little guy :( I just received a letter today in Certified USPS Mail from “Uber Conglomo Gym LLC” that they intend to pursue “all legal remedies against [me] on the grounds that [I] have been and continue to be disloyal to [their] company and have violated the provisions of the Handbook”.

Their grounds for being upset with me are two-fold: 1) that I failed to notify my supervisor when I learned about any business opportunity related in any way to the fitness industry and 2) that I am taking proprietary information that I gained from working with them.

First, I don’t really think the idea of running your own speed, agility, force training and Crossfit Center is really a new idea that no one has had before their time with “Uber Comglomo Gym LLC”. Which in fact I did tell my Regional Fitness Manager when I was promoted from working only Sundays to the Club Fitness Manager that in fact my goal in 2 years was to own and run my own gym, sadly it took 3 years, ha.

Second, any information that I am taking from them I take in the negative, as in a great lesson in what NOT TO DO. For example as an owner, I should reward good trainers with benefits, paid time off, sick days, vacation days, money and time allowances to improve their skills in training – the list could go on for possibly ever…

Large and In Charge Large and in charge, baby.

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  1. Cus aka lil Spencer Says:

    I would just like to second everything that Jesse has put up on the board. Everything to do with the managment and type of employees and how the entire club is run is entirely TRUE. This is one of the reasons I am sooooooooooo excited to quite. They have no grounds to try and squash out the “little guy” when this gym is 6 miles away and there are at least 2 gyms in between their’s and Local’s. It comes down to them just being butt hurt about losing the Great, the one and only, Jesse Ward! Stay up playa!

  2. The Nerd Says:

    We have so many recent graduates with law degrees in the horde it’s not funny. Unleash the hounds!
    Seriously, Mike, Nitka, plus some of the guys I’ve got points with from the Visible crew should all look at the letter, and draft a crushing counter-suit letter.
    Lemme know if there’s anything I can do at all. Anything.
    -The Broo.

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