What would Rocky do?

That’s the theme for the New Year’s Eve WOD…


Ok ok ok, we’re not gonna get gloves on (Scambia) and get after each other for time, which might be a lot of fun depending on who you get to whoop on (Ed) but, what we are going to do is currently tucked away in my scary little mind :) There will be some very important action items laid out before or after the workout which will shape events to come in 2011, be excited about that! I’m excited to see everyone all glassy-eyed for quite possibly the most constantly varied moment ever at Lynnwood CrossFit!! So excited :)

Be here or be square!

6 Responses to “What would Rocky do?”

  1. Ed Says:

    Cathy suggested that I spend New Years Eve with my family. And I said “that’s great, I’ll be at the gym then” She was talking about my other family… Have fun.
    Jesse, I would drop you like Drago.

  2. Cameron aka Jesse's Dad Says:

    Hey is pre steroids stallone!
    I may be there. Not sure as far as my plans go just yet.

  3. Jesse Says:

    Ed, except for in real life Drago would totally win, blonde, russian, steroidal, very angsty, ya te bias, YA TE BIAS!!

  4. Brett Says:

    Alas, the wife is sick and we won’t be making it :( I hope for pictures and 2nd go some other night :)

  5. Ponch Says:

    Jess, That was fun. This one may have to go into the hopper. “ADRIANNNNN!!!!!!!”

  6. Miles Says:

    Critical additions to the curricula:
    1. double extension situps from the upper “barn” area
    2. snow running
    3. overhead oxcart press
    4. log splitting for time :)

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