Without Further Ado…

Local’s Gym:  Sunnyside Style! 

Row 250m 7 Push Presses with 95/65 Max Rounds in 20 min…

Boeing Crew, Kim, BMAC, Coach D and Jesse on the Camera!

Nice Lockouts Boys!

  and Lady!


The tally is correct – you’ve got more rounds to do!!!!!!   Max Rounds in 20 – Austin cruises to the high score of the day at 15 rounds! Unbelievable!  


Yay summmer!

7 Responses to “Without Further Ado…”

  1. Charles Says:

    Nice pull-up bar!

  2. Abi Says:

    Jesse Mikey has a really good picture for you to put up… its pretty we look pretty vicious in it=)

  3. Jesse Says:

    Sweet – send it to me. No texts!!

  4. Woody Says:

    You’d think that first photo was at CrossFit HQ if you didn’t know!

  5. Woody Says:

    Oh, and I love the huge chain and tires!

  6. D Says:

    Awesome!!!! My gym is so cool :) Thanks Woody.

  7. Dan Says:

    Strongman Saturdays are in full effect….
    - Atlas stones
    - truck pulls
    - arm over arm pulls
    - Coming soon Yoke runs

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