Yay new post!

Some interesting things have come to pass:

Carrie got her level 1 last weekend, so did Connor! Congrats! The gym is really coming together, thanks for bearing with us while we take care of it all!

I want to send out an encouraging vibe to all the LEANing challenge participants – stay focused!! I’m doing well, I hope you are too! I’ll get a count of the money up soon – get ready for after pics, February 11th!

7 Responses to “Yay new post!”

  1. Kari Says:

    Did we get the new wall ball brackets installed this weekend for our wonderful wod today?

  2. Jesse Says:

    Unless Ed magically appears ready to DO WORK, nope :( Hooray for One DB Thruster :)

  3. Ed Says:

    Worked on them all weekend. Getting there.
    That pic reminds me of summer.

  4. Lisa Says:

    Congrats Carrie and Connor!! Welcome to the club!

  5. charles Says:

    Great job Carrie & Conner on your level 1…..
    I’m zone and 2 weeks in and doing great, keeping a food log helps…….
    Can hardly wait to share with Emily & Kelsey my “paleo coconut macaroons” which I
    got off the Locals web site food section. You can’t eat just six!!
    Ed thanks for your good work on the wall ball targets.

  6. Josie Says:

    *like* Charles post :)

  7. Ed Says:

    If you haven’t heard. Dinah created a “Lynnwood crossfit” team for the Big Climb on March 20th. Go to: http://www.bigclimb.org and register for team Lynnwood crossfit.

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