Zone vrs. Paleo

The new year’s challenge!


Team Zone (Deidra) vrs. Hunter-Gatherers (Jesse)



This should be a lot of fun!!  The choice is yours, we’re going to have a meeting after class on 12/28 (9:00am) to go over the rules, the procedures and all that stuff, and then starting the 1st we’ll hit it! We’ll do a retest the 2nd week in Feb to give us all a full 5 weeks.

The only thing you have to lose is bodyfat and time off your "Murph" :)


Post to comments with questions or to show intrigue. 

6 Responses to “Zone vrs. Paleo”

  1. shane Says:

    so Ive heard of zone but Hunter gathers? Where do I find the info? Or do I just get a daily “what I can eat” from the Clan Cheifton

  2. Woody Says:

    Is a whopper from Burger King Paleo? ;-)

    Think I’m going to jump in on the paleo challenge, unoffically… because I can’t resist a glass of whole milk. So for the Woodmeister- paleo plus a couple gallons o’ whole milk a week.

    I need to be eating more vegetables, so it will be good for me.

    I expect to be 3% bodyfat at 230lbs and be able to hunt down wild animals and kill and eat them WITH MY BARE HANDS!*sarcasm*

  3. Jesse Says:

    The Clan Cheiftan will provide guidance and facilitate the increase in your AKP (as Robb Wolf calls it) through proper cave-man-ish eating protocols.

  4. Jesse Says:

    Woody, what about a Whopper is paleo? Everything but the bun dog!!!

  5. larry Says:

    is this open to everyone? cause i want to kick my wifes ass at this I am paleo

  6. nicole Says:

    Jesse and Dee,
    Johna nd I are in! We started 3 days ago….so we better be good at this paleo thing by the 28th.
    I have to work the 28th so maybe John can get the rules…..

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